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"Negentropy" is the opposite of entropy, the property of the universe to slowly decline as heat evens itself out with interchange of energy and matter. It is a term coined by
eccentric thinkers who wish to see the "perfecting" of the human into physical
immortality and the end of the necessity of death. This is also the aim of certain genetic engineers who style themselves "algenists" (genetic alchemists).
Associating this with the element of air I refer to the mobile, insubstantial nature of air, its flight from the density of earth.
The alchemical stage I link this with is sublimation, the refining out of grosser elements from the substance. Birds symbolise this process.
A slightly ironic reference is the frottage from a fossil of an archeoptryx, from the Solenhofen limestone quarries – where lithographic limestone was first quarried. I see it as a presiding spirit over the process of lithography. None of these prints were done on stone, being mainly photo litho and offset monoprint, but a love of stone is my personal connection to lithography.
The origami birds refer to the light insubstantial nature of paper, and to paper airplanes. The idea of a flock of birds recalls the structure of matter at an atomic level -solids being simply a swarm of particles.
The word "spagyria" is often associated with alchemy - "the spagyric arts". It is derived from Greek words meaning to take apart and to put back together.
The lines of music are transcriptions of birdsong and also refer to the quality of air to carry sound.
The frottage below the foot is of a bird in flight that appeared in the surface of a café table in Prague.